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Convert PDF to EPUB, MOBI to EPUB, documents like Word to EPUB, and even Amazon Kindle AZW to EPUB. Turn your documents into ebook files.

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How to convert to EPUB

  1. Upload your document or ebook file.
  2. Use the optional settings for more customization like changing the ebook author, adding a border, and the like (optional).
  3. The conversion to EPUB starts after you click on "Start".

Not all ebook readers can open all ebook file formats. What you can do when your ebook reader cannot open MOBI, AZW, LRF or FB2 files is to convert it to a widely supported, common, and popular format.

Converting your documents to EPUB can be helpful as well. That way, you can read articles, reserach papers, and more on the go. Just convert from PDF to EPUB. Want to publish your writing or share it with fellow authors and avid readers? Convert your Word document to EPUB. Of course, ODT to EPUB is also possible.


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